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Hired "Right" Out of College

Based on the soon to be released book, Hired ‘Right’ Out of College, From Classes to Calling, this engaging keynote will help students focus on what is important. This talk is perfect for those getting ready to or those already in college. Backed by over 14yrs as a hiring manager and as a career coach, Garrett provides a keynote that is practical, insightful, and full of best practices. Students will learn how to enter the Discovery Process, become motivated to learn and get busy with a purpose.

  • Ask the ‘Right’ questions you will uncover the secrets to your success.
  • Learn how to discover your natural gifts, talents and aptitudes.
  • Find out why discovering the ‘Right’ calling is as easy as AEIOU.
  • Choose a major/career path based on your strengths.
  • Discover how to invest and grow your strengths.
  • Be better prepared for interviewing.
  • Invest in the experiences that will have the biggest impact on your growth.
  • Learn powerful networking techniques that will help get started on the road to your calling.