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Save Time with an Outlook Calendar Tip - Drag and Drop
Jun 29, 2012 |

• Quickly turn an email into an appointment. You’ve received an email that is going to require some action in the future. Your options are to leave it in your…
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iPad and iPhone Productivity Tip
May 09, 2012 |

Need a mirror before heading to that important appointment? Wondering if you have a sesame seed or a piece of salad breaking up your beaming smile?…
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Use Colors to Organize Your Calendar
Jan 10, 2012 |

Organize your Calendar!

Color coding is a great way to see your week and quickly identify how you are spending your time. To color code in:
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Stand Up Meetings Keep the Group Focused.
Dec 05, 2011 |

There is a principle that says the larger the desk the more stuff you will keep on it. The same goes for suitcases, the bigger the suitcase the more room to pack more…
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Decrease Interruptions and Get More Done
Nov 28, 2011 |

We are connected with everyone, which is why we sometimes fight to be connected to our work. I watch my son doing his homework and every few minutes his phone is buzzing…
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