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Hear What People are Saying About Cotria

Happy clients are a hallmark of business success. We take pride in serving our clients, building credibility for their business and creating space in their day.

Email Efficiency Training

"Very good class! – Garrett showed great knowledge and enthusiasm for the topic.  Time well Spent!" - Manufacturing - Fresno, California.

"Very down to earth, doable ideas.  During the break I sent my first ABC email." - Financials - Montvale, NJ

"I was very impressed with the course.  It was short but filled with a ton of useful information. I would recommend it to anyone to improve their email management." - Service - Washington D.C.

Making Meetings Matter Training

"Very practical. If our team follows through with what we learned here today, my life will change considerable! Thank you." - Service - Stamford Ct.

"We as a company should use these guidelines as standards. Loved the tech tips at the end!" - Healthcare - , Waukesha, WI

"Absolutely terrific, many thanks!!" - Pharmaceuticals - Pennington, NJ.

File & Find It Fast Training

"I’m going back to my desk to organize my folders!" - Service

"As soon as I get to my desk I’m downloading the COTA icons and I’m organizing myself.   Thanks!" - Financials

"Honestly, this was the best training session I have attended that will help me organize myself and hopefully my manager as well"  - Manufacturing


"The instructor was interactive with the whole group to keep us tuned in and entertained at all times." - Services

"Class was insightful and trainer was dynamic in presentation.  A lot of fun!" - Pharmaceuticals

"Great presentation, engaged participants.  Pace of delivery and learning was perfect." - Healthcare

Microsoft Outlook Training

"Best productivity course ever.  The work book never leaves my side. Awesome." Veronica F - Healthcare

"I can’t believe I’ve been using Outlook all these years and didn’t know these tips and tricks. I can’t even begin to image the time I could have saved."  Ken M - Bio-Tech

"Fun and fast.  Wish we had more time." Kathy D. - Pharma.

Hire on a WHIM Training

"Great course.  Simple and easy concepts." - Tom K – Pharma

"My book is full of notes and dog eared pagess.  Loved it.  Easy to understand."  Jennifer S - Food Industry

"I never hire anyone if they don’t have all four qualities! I’ve seen the difference." Jack M - Pharma

BlackBerry Training

"That was awesome!" - Kristen B. - Pharma

"The calendaring tips alone were worth the entire seminiar.  Terrific!" Debra O - Pharma

"You are right about setting boundaries.  Great class, loved the hands on training" Dave J. - Financials.

Priority Training

"Great session. I need to protect my time and you gave me the tools to do that."  Karen D. - Food industry

"Ok, I’m I thought I could multi-task.  I know your ideas are going to work." Lyle T. - Food Industry.

"I’m motivated to find more time in my day. I know it is there. I’ll create some white space while I’m at it. Thanks a ton."  Arpita H. - Food industry