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Hired 'Right' Out of College: A Step-by-Step Guide to Discovering the Career You were Born to Pursue

What should I major in? What type of career do I want? How can I figure out what I do well—and keep doing it?

Have you asked any or all of these questions? Then ‘Right’ is the right book for you. As a college student, you’re poised to enter an exciting process of self-discovery. Fear of the unknown might be holding you back. Don’t worry! Hired ‘Right’ will guide you step by step as you move toward your calling in life. This fast-paced book is packed with information, helpful advice, and Q & A sections all tied together by an engaging story.

You’ll be empowered by the challenges ahead because you’ll learn you were more prepared than you ever imagined.

What readers are saying about Hired Right out of College

“This outstanding book helps students hear their calling while providing practical ideas on how to answer the call. A must read for students and parents!”

- John G. Miller, Author of QBQ!, Flipping the Switch, Outstanding!, and Parenting the QBQ Way

“A must-read for any college student wishing to make the most of his college experience. I found the author really identifies with students and provides a practical, step-by-step process to help answer the questions about what to major in and what career is right for me.”

- Caleb Thrasher, Grove City College, Freshman Class

“I would love to hand this book to every student who walks through our doors… It can serve as a valuable resource and really complements what we’re doing as career services professionals!”

- Erika A. Mayer, Assistant Director of Career Services

“With helpful insights and rich advice, Hired ‘Right’ Out of College addresses the dilemma every college student faces by reconstructing the vague dream of success into a pursuit defined by small manageable steps.”

- Brittany Rhodes, UC Berkeley Sophomore

“Garrett Miller hit the nail on the head with Hired ‘Right’ Out of College. This is the perfect book to guide students into fulfilling careers.”

- Shari Goldstein, Assistant Director Pre-Health Professions, Florida Atlantic University