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Hire On a Whim

Four Qualities That Make for Great Employees

"This is a must read for anyone who is responsible for hiring, or looking for employment." - Ken, Amazon Review

What four nonnegotiable, nonteachable qualities must you hire?

Can you be sure that the person you are about to hire is the one?

We've all experienced that feeling of buyer's remorse when what we thought we "needed" isn't as fabulous as we thought it would be. Many managers have a similar feeling, "hire's remorse," after they extend an offer to a prospective employee and get that small but unmistakable twinge in the gut.

Hiring for a new position doesn't have to be this way. Hire on a WHIM breaks down the essentials, not of whom to hire, but what to hire. What makes these four qualities essential is that no matter how great a manager you are, these are attributes you can't teach. As one expert put it, "These essentials are part of a candidate's DNA; they either have them, or they don't."

So, before you make that job offer, be sure your future employee has what it takes to be hired on a WHIM.

What Leaders are Saying About WHIM

"Managers, at every level must hire the right qualities in order to field the best team. WHIM will help managers succeed in this area."

- Ed Breen, CEO, TYCO

"With over twenty-two years of management experience at the district, regional and national level, I have been directly involved with recruiting and hiring of hundreds candidates. The successful hires all come down to the four key facets Garrett addresses."

- Russ Gasdia, VP of Sales and Marketing, Purdue Pharmaceuticals



Just wanted you to know that I’m one of Hire on a WHIM’s biggest fans.  I purchased the book a month before you spoke at CBIA because the write up sounded like something that could assist us in our interviewing process.  By far it is the best book I’ve ever read in that the application of your principles/questions to applicants truly delivers the desired results.  Since we’ve been putting into practice these methods, we’ve hired higher quality, better fitting people into our environment who truly are working out very well.  And what was interesting was while I was reading the book, three people we had discharged for various reasons in the previous six months came to mind in that they would probably not have been hired if we had used the principles/questions to hire by.  I could see what each former employee was lacking in their character and why they didn’t work out.

I’ve recommended your book to more people than I can count in various occupations that could all benefit from what I learned from your book.  Thank you so much for delivering an easy to apply approach methods that are extremely valuable and really work.  I was at a CBIA legal workshop this morning and recommended your book again to an HR professional of a restaurant firm of 650 people.  She said she was looking just yesterday at books that she could pass on to her restaurant managers that would assist them in hiring the right people so the “personnel” problems would be lessened.  I also spoke with the Career Services director at a technical school who have students extern at our company for credit where we’ve hired over a dozen of their students.  She was very excited to hear about your book, was going to order it for herself and one of her teachers.  She recently shared that the instructor of their career development class was going to use your book to assist students in learning how to present themselves and what interviewers are looking for.

Thank you again for such a great book.  I just wanted you to know what a large positive impact your book has had on our company and those I come in contact with that could benefit from it as well. 


Director of Human Resources/Office Administration