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A Productivity Training Company

CoTria is a productivity training company whose one objective is to save your organization time and energy. Some of the world’s greatest companies have turned to CoTria to boost their productivity. Our time saving, life changing seminars are designed to be fun, dynamic, and interactive. Seminars help attendees to better manage meetings, spend less time on email, communicate more clearly, get priorities done, file and find all of their documents, balance their time, resources, and reclaim their lives! If you want to invest in your people, see efficiencies rise, increase engagement scores, and watch profits soar then ask to speak to our sales team. We guarantee that attendees will love this training. Help your organization take control and invest their time wisely.

CoTria delivers its training through live seminars, keynotes addresses, books, webinars, and web-based training. We’ve worked with Fortune 50 companies and with local school districts. CoTria will customize our training to fit your needs.

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